1. Please read the License Agreement.  We know it difficult to wade through the legalese, but this document will tell you who owns the photographs, what you will be paid and when you will be paid.  It is important you understand the terms and conditions.  In a nutshell, we are non-exclusive (you may sell the same photographs on a competitor's site), you retain the copyright on your work, we pay 25% on net sales and we process commissions quarterly.

Then go to our Registration Page and signup.  You will be asked to verify your identity, so take a photo of your driver's license and have it ready to upload. 

2. Upload your photos.  We have a quick and easy ftp site where you can upload one photo or 100 photos.  Once you register, you will be emailed instructions.  Please zip your files and name your folder with your last name so we can build you a gallery.  

During registration we will ask for your address, and by default we will mail your checks to that address.  We can also set up an online transfer to your account.  You tell us what works best for you.